Tips for Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup

Tips for Natural Makeup

Tips for Natural Makeup: Look Resplendent with These Simple Steps

With a job like mine, it’s not unusual to have big, powerful lamps shined onto your face, and thus to need a very specific kind of makeup suitable for artificial lighting. In those cases, I’d rather let professional makeup artists work their magic. But in everyday life, I’m not really one to overdo it. So today, I want to reveal my tips for natural makeup. The so-called “nude look” is not just super-trendy these days, it’s also a perfect solution for nearly any occasion, from business meetings to shopping escapades with friends. Besides, when time is of the essence, you can’t be spending hours in front of the mirror, and natural makeup also comes with this added value: a few quick, well-crafted moves and… voilà: a great face that lasts all day!

Step by Step, Here Are My Tips for Natural Makeup

The goal of natural makeup is to minimize defects and enhance the lines of the face, choosing products in colors similar to our own complexion and avoiding anything too glittery or heavy-textured. And with a little practice, it’s not that hard to get amazing results! Just follow these simple tips for natural makeup step by step, and I’m sure you’ll love the way you look.

Obviously enough, we’ll start from the base, using a specific concealer to hide imperfections like circles or bags under the eyes, and a light foundation that blends easily. Of course, everyone should choose these products based on their own skin type. As for me, I’ve had great experiences with Dior’s Capture Totale Sérum de Teinte foundation and Vichy’s Dermafinish Corrective Foundation Stick Opal concealer, which I apply directly onto imperfections and blend with a small brush.

Don’t forget to apply foundation to the eyelids as well, in order to prepare them for the following step: eye shadow. I sometimes choose it based on the colors of my outfit, but if I’m going for a really natural look I usually stay within the pink-to-brown range. My all-time favorites are definitely those by Bobby Brown or The Body Shop. I put the lighter color over the entire eyelid, to brighten the eye, then add depth placing a strip of darker eye shadow only along the line of the eyelid, and blending it carefully to avoid  discolorations. I avoid using a pencil for the lashline, I simply apply the eye shadow (in some shade of brown) with a dense, eyeliner-type brush. Then I top it all off with a nice layer of volume-adding mascara like Estée Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme.

Nude Makeup

To complete the look and give your face a healthy, radiant glow, the final touches are a splash of blush on the cheeks (absolutely love Joues Contrast by Chanel) and a bit of lip gloss (Lancôme makes some great ones), both of which should be chosen in natural tones close to your natural complexion.

If you’re wondering whether these tips for natural makeup are right for your age, the answer is unequivocally, absolutely, YES! How can I so sure? Well, first off, natural makeup looks great when you’re young because it enhances your fresh beauty, with the added benefit that even if you’re not an expert, this relatively simple procedure reduces the odds you’ll make a mess of your face! And it’s a perfect option even if you’re a little bit older, since more intense colors can draw attention to wrinkles, sings of aging and thinning lips. In other words, it’s one of those makeup styles that works great at any age and for every occasion, and that alone is a great reason to love it… don’t you think?

Natural Makeup Tips

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