The Oscars 2018

Marcela Cuevas Oscar

The Oscars 2018

In this year’s red carpet we saw all kind of stars showing their most immaculate version; they not only promoted their projects and their style: they left a deep impression on the millions of people who saw them. There is no event in Hollywood where to shine more than on this red carpet. I had the opportunity to be live at that event and it is a very exciting experience. The award ceremony was held a week ago but I could not let the opportunity pass to tell you my views about some of the attendees.

Lupita Nyongó


She arrived in Atelier Versace. She won an Oscar in 2014 and her boards on the red carpet are noticed even in the way she stops. Now there were less expectations around her, but she became the most expected of the red carpet a few years ago. She wears bright colors very well and this time she chose a gold dress with a shoulder strap that was super cute, in keeping with the tendency to wear an off shoulder and an exaggerated shoulder pad on the other. In the other hand, celebrities lately promote their character or some social or political cause. In the case of Lupita, the cast of Black Panther has been promoting the movie wearing an African motif; the throw of her dress resembles a typical African embroidery. She alludes to her character and, of course, she looks divine.

Salma Hayek


I do not know what a woman like her , with so many possibilities, was thinking! Wife of the owner of one of the most important conglomerates of luxury brands. It’s hard to believe that she, and the team behind her decided on with this purple sequin dress. To top it all, it was exceeded with the accessories in front and behind. The hairstyle, thank goodness, was collected but I did not like anything, nor the makeup. Unfortunately, she was one of the worst dressed in Gucci.

Margot Robbie



The best dressed woman on the red carpet, by far. It was her firts time at the Oscar, she was by far the most expected and did not disappoint: she looked spectacular in Chanel Haurte Couture. A white dress, straight, with a little tail and a corset and horizontal rods that gave it an impeccable figure. She was dressed by Kate Young, named the most powerful staylist in the world. In addition, this look reminded us of the figure of the skater who she played in I, Tonya, with embroidered strips that look like crystals. As for her hairstyle, I loved that she did not overdo it and still managed to look sophisticated. His hair was casual and his makeup was natural. However, her posing a little tense, with her shoulders slightly up and her arms slightly glued. She was, by far, the best dressed that night.

Nicole Kidman


She is one of the most sophisticated women that can exist in the world of cinema. Her bearing, her height, her figure; everything spectacular. On this occasion her dress was an absolute success. Her skin tone, her hair and her eyes made a wonderful contrast with the color of a dress elegantly fitted. We had seen the bow on other occasions on the red carpet of previous awards and was an expected trend. In addition, the front neckline gave a touch of seduction without detracting seriousness. No doubt, Kidman is one of the best dressed women, congruent with her makeup, dress and hairstyle.

Mary J. Blige


She is usually glamorous and funny and this time was no exception, in her first time at the Oscar, wearing a white Versace dress. Again we saw the detail of an off shoulder and on the other side a sleeve, with a bustier that had a different texture and accentuated her waist magically! From there she favored a lot her body type, since she is not very thin or tall. I did not expect white color to be so popular, but we already saw that it is a perfect and elegant color for a gala night.


Zendaya 1

In Giambattista Valli, was one of the best dressed. Not everyone would look so good in that dress though; her slim figure and skin tone were perfect to highlight her brown color. The draping of the dress seemed sophisticated and original. She is definitely one of my top 3 best dressed.

Allison Janney


She is a of the women who masters the male look. In this season, in which she won the Bafta, she irradiated security product of experience. The cut of the dress was perfect, the neckline also for not being the main point of attention, perfect for her age. But the fashion statment of his look were the sleeves that reminded us of the typical Morticia costume. She looked beautiful in red, that was one of the two most seen colors that night.

Jane Fonda


Standing ovation for her. She can not be more complete in perfection. She was wearing a tight white Balmain dress that gave her light, the most popular color of the red carpet. The hairstyle was super suitable, in conjunction with the statement of the top of the dress, the most striking point of all the look: the neckline somewhat rock style, with strong shoulder pads that lift up the posture of a woman her age. She gave us a style lesson tonight.

Allison Williams


Dressed by Giorgio Armani, was a very clear sample of what is expected to be seen on the carpet at the Oscar: without risking too much, with a pale pink color that is very trendy, in a flattering dress with a princess cut. Her hairstyle and makeup was not spectacular but it was adequate. Super adoc is for a red carpet of this level.

Whoopi Golberg


Wearing Christian Sirianono and I did not understand what her intentions where that night by wearing that dress: too many folds that at least highlighted her waist. The empire cut favored her but it was too much fabric. Her whole look was dysfunctional. One of the worst dressed.

Saorise Ronan


Lady Bird’s body posture was to be observed: her feet facing each other and her innocent face looked like a doll about to break. The light pink was on trend and the bow on the back was very cute. But her attitude did not help her presence. A woman who always ventures into her looks this time went safe.

Jeniffer Lawrence


I loved her hair with natural waves. She looked good but we are used to seeing her look spectacular. She usually takes risks and now she went more to the safe side with a metallic strapless dress.

Taraji P. Henson


In a Vera Wang costume, was one of the most skin showing at the red carpet. But too much skin has gone out of style. On the one hand, she had transparencies on her chest, a large cut on her leg that reached to the waist, and the cups that covered her bust were too flashy. One of the worst dressed with a look rather for a MTV’s or VMA’s.

Emma Stone


Arrived in a Vuitton Costume tuxedo was a total disappointment. The winner of best actress last year, best dressed in that golden dress, did a terrible job this year. I did not understand anything about that fatal look. One of the worst dressed.

Sally Hawkins


Who this year wore Armani Privé, usually likes wearing for emerging designers, vintage clothing and designs with classic and romantic lines. She chose a nice dress, which saved her from showing how she does not know how to pose. But her makeup and hairstyle were terrible; they made her look even more vintage.

Emily Blunt


In her dress by Schiaparelli Haute Couture she looked like she came out of a fairy tale. The texture of tulle in the Empire cut dress, with a pale blue tone in addition to the details on the sleeves and neck, made her look angelical. One of the three best dressed. Beautiful!

Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman at Givenchy Couture wore fringes at the bottom part of the dress, a trend that we will be seeing this season. We did not wait for her on the red carpet, but she arrived impeccable. Her look seemed very nice, without being one of the best dressed. Also the makeup was not one of my favorites.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra bullock

She disappointed in a Vuitton gold and black dress. To begin with, the most important element of all her dress, the fold that at the waist, made her hips looked big. She did not favor from that cut. The degradation from gold to black was fatal, in addition to her makeup and hairstyle. One of the worst dressed.

The political moment always affects what happens on the red carpet and the trends we see. Definitely, it was wise to think that moderation would reign. There was not as much skin or transparencies as we have seen in previous years; and this could have to do with Americans that were eager for moderation before the scandals and lack of prudence of their current president.

Can’t wait for next years most important fashion night!!

See ya!!

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