Costume design of the Oscars nominated films


Costume design of the Oscars nominated films

Oscar 2017: unique details about the costume design of the Oscars nominated films

The costume in a movie is fundamental to understand the narrative of the drama and the personality of the character. It also talks about the context and traditions in which it develops.

And since I love fashion, I couldn’t miss going to the Fashion Institute of Design Museum to see all the details of the costumes of the nominated films for 89th edition of the Oscars.

Lala land with 14 nominations, is is a tribute to the old Hollywood and of course Technicolor, the technique of the 50’s characterized by a great range of brilliant colors, used not only in custom design but in the movie’s production design.

Allied is the movie situated around the 40s with scenes of the times of Casablanca, the glamorous Hollywood and some others in London in the times of the second world war, less elegant. Brad Pitt with Marion Cotillard spectacular. With haute couture dresses, like the mint green dress in silk, nominated for the impeccable elegance in costumes.

My favorite to win is Consolata Boyle the designer for Florence foster Jenkins. This designs were a big challenge, because they had to do a body so the dresses would fit Meryl Streep, they were too big for her. In this case more is more, and all the details of embroidery and feathers are highly custom made. Accessories and accents are from the waist up and she plays with very particular accessories and a bit exaggerated at times in the head.

The costume design by Collen Atwood for Fantastic Animals and Where to find them, was inspired in the 20’s. The multi Oscars winner, also worked for Alice Through the Looking Glass and it’s one of the Academy’s favorite designers. Clothes say everything about personality,  such is the case of these sisters who are opposite. One very feminine and the other much more masculine, tomboy style. Eddy Redmayne’s character had a very relaxed and worn out look because his personal aspect was not a priority for him.

Tomorrow will meet the winner, but for sure the work of the designers to bring to life and coherence to all this characters in their different contexts, is exceptional. Big thanks to Nick Verreos for his support.

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