Nail Trends for Fall Winter 2017

Tendencias Color Unas

Nail Trends for Fall Winter 2017

Nail Trends for Fall Winter 2017: the Hottest Ideas for the Winter

With temperatures dropping and days getting shorter, as the rain starts to fall and summer is little more than a fading memory, there’s only one thing a girl can do: add a splash of color and glee to her fingertips, following the nail trends for Fall Winter 2017.

As you may know, staying up to date with the latest nail trends is one of my biggest passions. So what do I like when it comes to nail polish? Definitely darker tones: as far as I’m concerned, they’re great for the colder months and well beyond. And while I obviously like to change my look according to the day’s agenda, what cannot be changed is my undying love for black nail polish (which, incidentally, goes great with every look!). On the other hand, I must confess that I’m personally not that into nail art, but I will say that it allows for some really cool creations, if you like that kind of thing.

Whenever a new season starts, I instantly get the urge to find out what kind of new products the sector’s big names have in store. Some brands seem to be focusing more on finishes, others on tones, while the great nail art masters keep coming up with crazier, quirkier designs and application methods. The result is a whole world of opportunities and ideas waiting to be discovered!

But before we get down and dirty into the wonderful world of nail trends, allow me to give you a little piece of heartfelt advice: when it comes to putting paint onto your nails, follow your instinct. Be yourselves and let your own style be your guide, without worrying too much about what others are doing or saying you should do. When you follow the heart, you always look smart! 😉

Nailed It! 3 Winning Nail Trends for Fall Winter 2017

Without further ado, here are the nail products that made their way onto my monthly wish list.

1 – Let’s start off with a touch of color. During this time of year, the trendiest tones are once again the darker ones, starting with glamorous hues like burgundy, brick red and claret. I find that these dark reds instantly make your hands look prettier and more elegant, while also fitting well with nearly any outfit. For an optimal application, you may also want to try a technique that’s getting more and more popular in recent months. I’m talking about the dry manicure. In this type of treatment, unlike with traditional manis, the fingers aren’t left to soak in water, which carries the risk of the cuticle “anchoring” to the nail. Instead, the skin adjacent to the nail is softened using specific products like gels or creams made with alpha hydroxy acid. So, have you ever had one of these waterless manicures? If you haven’t, this may be a great time to try!

Nail Trends
2 – Another technique which everyone, these days, seems to be raving about is the dot manicure, This new fad seems to be taking the fashion world by storm, and IMHO is especially perfect for younger women or those who want to give their look a breezy and bubbly twist. If you want to learn how it’s done, have a look at the creations of nail artist Antonio Sacripante (the man behind much of the nail work at Milan’s latest Fashion Week). This modern-day Matisse plays with floral motives in fascinating ways, and has even come up with the reverse French manicure, where the white is painted on the nail base rather than on the tip. What an intriguing and creative solution, don’t you think?

3 – It would be impossible to wrap up our journey into the nail trends for Fall Winter 2017, without mentioning a sometimes-neglected color that’s coming back with a vengeance: blue! Not only is it perfectly symbolic of the season, it also does a great job of making your nails stand out when the weather is dull. My advice? Choose a darker or deeper nuance if you have olive-colored skin, while if you have a fair to average complexion, go for something lighter and perhaps with a metallic finish: this will really make your skin shine! One last tip: if you opt for midnight blue, match it with a nude makeup in pastel tones, for contrast-driven look that will really get heads turning!

OK, that’s it for this time. And now… go nail it, girls!

Nail Trends Winter 2017

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