Milan Fashion Week 2016

Milano fashion week 2016

Milan Fashion Week 2016

Milan Fashion Week 2016: Follow Me on a Journey into the Heart of Style

The frenzied rushing to get from one catwalk to the next, the make-up artists chasing models around the dressing room, and an irresistible vibe that combines trendy, daring and ahead-of-its-time. Translation? Milan Fashion Week 2016! For those of us who thrive on beauty and style, this event is one of the most anticipated times of the year: a full week of excitement where eating and sleeping take a backseat to runway shows, “industry-only” events and, why not, some really special encounters.

From the 21st to the 26th of September, the lights of the fashion world were squarely pointed on Milan, and thanks to a good friend who attended the event, I almost feel like I was right there in the midst of it all! I should tell you, in fact, that one of my main Italian gal pals got the chance to spend some time backstage, and of course she relayed every single detail to me!  In fact, she was so excited about this extraordinary experience, she just would not shut up about it… 😉  So have you ever wondered what Gigi Hadid or Jourdan Dunn do back there before they hit the runway? Believe it or not, they do pretty much the same things most of us do to relax. Some of them read books, others listen to music while getting their nails done, a few will be munching on an apple (yes, they actually do eat), and of course, there are plenty of selfies being produced 🙂 Being backstage for events like these is really something else!

And after having a peek at what goes on “in the shadows,” she had the privilege of enjoying front-row seats for the actual fashion shows, which – in her words – were all absolutely electrifying. Versace, for example, ran out an all-star lineup that mesmerized everyone in attendance. Between a gorgeous 46-year-old like Naomi Campbell and a younger but equally stunning Irina Shayk, nobody could decide whether to look at the striking garments or the striking people wearing them. But from all her raving about brightly-colored midi skirts and slim-cut pants in sporty fabrics, I gather I’m due for a nice shopping tour, if I want to keep up with the latest trends!


Milano Fashion Week 2016: what’s hot on the catwalk

The runways have spoken! So let’s have a look at the top 5 trends ready to spread like wildfire all over the world. Ready? Ok… go!

1 – Judging from the high concentrations on the catwalk, I can guarantee that the coming months will be all about our favorite, oh-so-girly trims: ruffles! However, it won’t be the kind of ruffles we’re used to. Instead, the new fad will be “clip-on” ruffles that can be added or removed at will: precious little style allies ready to turn the most boring, run-of-the-mill T-shirt into an eccentric and unique garment.

2 – From a chromatic standpoint, color blocks in orange, yellow and blue seem poised to take us from spring straight to the beach! So let’s get busy, girls, if we want to look like the models of Milan: our new wardrobe isn’t going to just buy itself.


Milano Fashion Week 2016 Dresses


3 – Also starring on Italy’s runways were a new kind of “mega-pockets” that almost resemble extra-large pouches. These removable ornaments are both super-cool and eminently practical, as you can really fit a bunch of stuff in them.  Are you ready to leave the house bag-free feeling like a glamorous kangaroo?

4 – Now shoes, that’s a whole different chapter! (Really, though, isn’t it always?) But mainly we’ll be seeing lots of sexy stiletto sandals and preciously eccentric platforms – like the ones Gucci showed… simply orgasmic!  And just to be sure you’re ready for ever occasion, splurge on some nice, versatile slip-ons… you’ll never regret it!

5 – Finally, I was totally bewitched by a number of all-over sequin dresses that I thought looked really amazing: fitted with over-sized flounces and extra-long sleeves, these silver gowns are stunning and definitely special, with just a hint of the over-the-top extravagance which Milan’s event is famous for.

But aside from the all the mesmerizing original creations, what were this edition’s most memorable moments? First and foremost, the genuinely moving  embrace between two Italian icons and old friends, designer Laura Biagiotti and renowned ballerina Carla Fracci, who was honored on the year of her 80th birthday.  Also, for the first time ever, the closing act was something other than Mr. Armani. It was king Giorgio himself who decided to relinquish the honor, stating unequivocally that “we really should all take turns.” And why not? After all, his spot at the top of the Italian fashion pyramid is safe and secure!

Clarly, Italy’s style industry is alive and well, with all the big names putting on excellent displays: Gucci, Alberta Ferretti, Roberto Cavalli, Max Mara, Fendi, Emilio Pucci, Prada, Moschino, Diesel Black Gold, Giorgio Armani, Tod’s and Versace. Powerhouses like Lorenzo Serafini, Marni, Salvatore Ferragamo, Trussardi, Missoni and Dsquared2 were also on top of their games, while among the newcomers, Lucio Vanotti, San Andres Milano and Piccione deserve a special mention.

Of course, aside from being a treasure chest of yet-to-be-born trends, Milan Fashion Week 2016 is also the setting for many unusual and fascinating side events. Thanks to a special invite, I had the pleasure of attending an exhibit dedicated to a fashion house that shaped the Italian sense of style in the years following WWII. The event was called Curiel – History and Future, and it led me into a whole universe of designs that I was barely even aware of. It turns out that in their heyday, these gowns dominated the scenes of Italian high society, and they were basically all you’d see in places like Milan’s famous La Scala theater. I’m sure that when you take a look at the sketches of these exquisite, deceptively simple little dresses, you’ll feel like going back in time to the charming black-and-white world of 1960s Italy…


Milano Fashion Week 2016 collections


So what will remain of Milan Fashion Week 2016? Bright lights and beautiful tones, voices and fabulous melodies, and for me… an irresistible urge to be there for the next edition!


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