Michelin Star Restaurants in Milan

Los Restaurantes con Estrellas de Milán | Marcela Cuevas

Michelin Star Restaurants in Milan

Michelin Star Restaurants in Milan: a Gourmet’s Guide to Fine Dining

Today we’re embarking on a culinary journey of discovery through one of Italy’s most beautiful cities: the kind of gastronomical adventure that even most locals – those who think they know every nook and cranny of their hometown – never get to experience. As you already know, of all the pretty places up and down the peninsula, Milan has a special place in my heart, and not just for its plentiful and amazing shopping possibilities or its majestic cathedral that dominates the center. It’s because Milan is a city for stars: it’s easy, here, to bump into movie stars, TV stars, sport stars… but my favorite stars of all are the ones that signal an amazing meal ahead, which is why I thought I’d guide you on a delicious tour of Michelin star restaurants in Milan.

Across Europe and throughout the world, the highest accolade a restaurant can receive is being awarded one or more stars by the prestigious Michelin Guide, widely regarded as the international standard in ranking the finest of fine dining. There are no greater bragging rights in the business, than when a chef or restaurateur can boast of being “starred.” Achieving this highest of culinary honors is no easy feat, but once you do, it’s like being enshrined into the Food Hall of Fame.

My favorite Michelin Star Restaurants in Milan

Time to start our tour of Michelin Star restaurants in Milan. The last time I was in town, I got the chance to spend a special evening in a special place with an especially odd name. Tano passami l’olio translates roughly to “Tony, pass me the oil”, and as you can easily gather, it’s a restaurant where oil plays a leading role, though not in the greasy, artery-clogging way you might expect from an American fast food joint… The interiors are classical and sophisticated, with antique table lamps bringing a 19th-century element to the ambiance. Of the dishes I got to sample, one in particular – an amazing tuna mousse topped with caramelized quail eggs – brought my taste buds to a state of ecstasy. But what struck me the most was the fact that the chef himself took the time to come out and chat with the patrons: it’d been a while since I’d felt such a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a place of this caliber.

Another star-studded establishment capable of seducing both my eyes and my palate was the restaurant at Milan’s Park Hyatt hotel, named Vun, which simply means “one” in Milanese dialect. I had a lovely Sunday brunch there, and while I was definitely intrigued by the minimalist, designer interiors (check out the pic to see what I mean), it was the food that really won me over, reminding me once again why Italians are considered unbeatable in the kitchen. One of the peculiarities of this place is that every week a different menu is crafted, each inspired by the traditional cuisine of one of Italy’s regions. I happened to be there on Sicily week, and rejoiced in the yumminess of my scrumptious eggplant pastiche and of my arancini, a kind of rice ball stuffed with meat sauce, peas and melted mozzarella cheese. Believe me, it wasn’t easy to get up from that table!

Milan Restaurants - Park Hyatt

Last but not least, I haven’t forgotten those of you out there who prefer vegetables to meat. In fact, you will find there is a wonderful surprise hiding among the Michelin Star restaurants in Milan: the only vegetarian restaurant in the whole country to be awarded a star is Joya, and while it is truly heaven for herbivores, I guarantee you it is capable of delighting even the most committed of meat-lovers. All of the dishes here are spectacular little masterpieces which, behind colorful presentations, reveal unexpected bursts of flavor: great to look at, even better to eat. And if you’re thinking it’s one of those high-brow spots where you leave feeling hungry and head for the pizza place, I must say that you couldn’t be more wrong. Don’t believe me? I dare you to try!

Milan Michelin Restaurants - Joia

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