In Velvet We Trust

In Velvet we trust

In Velvet We Trust

Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it! It’s the hottest fabric of the moment and a “must” for every wardrobe… including yours. I’m talking – of course – about velvet!

Sure, it isn’t always easy to pair, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Not only is velvet super-trendy these days, it actually looks divine when worn right, and with the tips I’m about to share, I’m sure you’ll master its secrets to perfection. The easiest way to tap into this trend is through shoes. Velvet looks fabulous on a variety of shoe types: from exquisite Loriblu heels to a “grittier” Sam Edelman pair of booties, passing through knee-high or above-the-knee boots which, matched to a simple outfit, will become the undisputed stars of your look.

Of course, this material is also great for bags. A velvet Gucci purse, in whatever color, can make any look a winner: you’ll be surprised by how good you look at night, and by how much character this texture-licious addition will give your outfit during the day.

But my overall favorite in this material is jackets! And though it may not be right for everybody, a full-out velvety suit can also look amazing: if you’re feelin’ it… go for it!

In Velvet we trust

As for pairings, I would say leather and lace are velvet’s best friends. Leather pants and velvet jacket? Delicious visual impact. The other way around? Equally perfect. And what about a lace dress under a velvet coat, or a lacy blouse with a (beige or black) velvety purse? To die for!
Velvet is also versatile, and works well for both classy and casual looks. There is nothing more elegant than a tight-fitting velvet dress that winds down to the ankle or even to the floor: a uniquely sensual choice for an evening on the town! On the other hand, I also love velvet tracksuits like the ones by Tadashi Shoji or Tommy Hilfiger: again, not everyone can pull off this look, but at the right time and place, it can really do the trick.

In Velvet we trust

As for men… well, for the more daringly fashionable of you gentlemen, I simply adore a navy blue or royal blue velvet tuxedo, possibly with contrasting lapels (black and in a different texture).

And my favorite colors for velvet? Without a doubt: royal blue, black and pink.

To wrap it up, here are some basic suggestions in case you’re having a hard time getting the hang of this fabric:

– Always pair velvet with a very simple look
– Keep your outfit to two colors max
– You can’t go wrong with black and white
– Velvet in any color goes well with black
– When in doubt, it’s best to wear it (or “test drive” it) at night.
– For coats or dresses, wearing a belt highlights your figure while adding some texture variety
– Don’t overdo it with accessories when you wear velvet
– During the day, pair it with jeans and a white top
– Just one velvet item at a time
– Make sure it’s nicely ironed, so it looks the way it should and doesn’t chafe

So jump onto the velvet bandwagon, and you’ll be keeping it trendy this winter and the next one. Give it a try, experiment, and don’t be scared of a making a small faux pas… after all, practice makes perfect!

In Velvet we trust

As always, if you have any doubts or questions, let me know in the comments section. I will personally reply to each of you. Hasta la proxima! 🙂

I was wearing:
Red velvet jacket from Raquel Orozco

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