What to Wear at a Cocktail Party

Cómo vestirse para un cóctel

What to Wear at a Cocktail Party

What to wear at a cocktail party: look fabulous and avoid embarrassing faux pas

Have you ever been invited to a party and immediately experienced that dreaded “OMG I have nothing to wear” feeling, even though you have a closet overflowing with stuff? I definitely have, especially when I’m not in the best of spirits. In fact, I think the feeling has more to do with our mood than with our actual wardrobe, but that’s another story… Nevertheless, over time I’ve learned a few tricks to look impeccable every time. So today, I’d like to share with you my suggestions on what to wear at a cocktail party.

What to Wear at a Cocktail Party Armani

A birthday bash, a formal event, an after-work cocktail party at a fancy restaurant… whatever the occasion, there are times when looking spectacular is mandatory, and anything short of stunning simply will not cut it. And whatever your personal style, there are a few simple rules you can follow to pull off perfection… Every. Single. Time. First of all, pay attention to the length of the dress – a key detail for anyone who is pondering what to wear at a cocktail party. If you already have something in mind, here’s what you can do to test the garment’s appropriateness: extend your arms down along your sides, and if the hem of the dress isn’t lower than the tips of your fingers, you should probably save this sexy little number for a nightclub. The rule of thumb, in fact, is that cocktail dresses should be about knee-length, perhaps a little longer and possibly a tiny bit shorter… but never too short.

What to Wear at a Cocktail Party Milan

As far as fabrics, avoid anything too casual like denim, and opt for the more formal appeal of silk, organza or cashmere. Shoes, of course, are another crucial element: a pair of high-heel pumps or sandals are perfect, but make sure they’re sufficiently comfortable and that you’re able to walk effortlessly in them. You’ll probably be on your feet a lot, and there’s nothing worse than suffering hours of pain or – even worse – be seen walking like a circus performer on stilts. High-heeled platforms might be a good idea, as they tend to be more comfortable, so you can look stylish without turning your big night into a big pain in the… foot. But whatever shoes you pick, always remember to break them in at home first, by wearing them with socks for at least a few hours. If not… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

What to wear at a cocktail party?

Choosing the dress’s cut, color and style depends on an infinity of factors, including your body type and age, how formal the occasion, and of course your personal tastes. In other words, it would be simply impossible to make a list of all possible occasions and provide detailed instructions for each. But just to give you an idea, here are the photos of an outfit I wore during a recent visit to Milan. They were taken outside of Nobu, a Japanese restaurant which is actually located inside an Emporio Armani store (with interiors designed by Armani himself!). It’s a place I know well, since there’s one in Mexico City too, and it’s easily one of my top 3 eating spots in the entire world. So the whole time we were shooting, I was just dying to head inside and stuff my face with sushi… but as they say, gotta take care of business first!

Cómo vestirse para un cóctel Marcela Cuevas

Speaking of which, let’s get back to business before I wander off track daydreaming about uramaki rolls … So here, I was wearing a red and blue striped dress by Elisabetta Franchi which I absolutely love, both for its cute asymmetrical cut and for its unique chromatic effect, which, when seen from a distance, makes it look like the stripes are blended together into a bright shade of pink! For accessories, I went with a matching clutch and a pair of high-heel Loriblu sandals with ankle straps– a detail which I find surprisingly sexy.

Finally, remember that in the worst case scenario, if you’re just not sure about any of your possible outfits, you can never go wrong with an LBD! As long as it’s not too short, a good old “little black dress” can get you out of trouble on nearly any occasion, including a fancy gathering or a cocktail party, so make sure to have a beautiful one (or two!) always ready in your closet.

Cómo vestirse para un cóctelCuevas


So, what are your thoughts on what to wear at a cocktail party? What are your secrets to look sensational and feel perfectly at ease on these elegant occasions? Feel free to let us know, you may be helping out me or one of your fellow readers!

I was wearing:

Dress by Elisabetta Franchi
Sandals by Loriblu

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