An Elegant Black Dress

An elegant Black Dress

An Elegant Black Dress

An elegant black dress: one answer to a million questions

 Staring blankly into a closet full of clothes and thinking “I have nothing to wear!” Sound familiar? Or rather, how many (millions of) times has that happened to you? And to make matters worse, the feeling seems to strike especially hard on those big nights, when elegance is a must and you really need to look good. So, is there a foolproof solution to this common conundrum? Yes, and it simply involves choosing an elegant black dress!

There’s nothing quite like black to boost our sex-appeal and transform us into eye-magnets. And we all know the reason: the color of the night sky shaves off a few pounds and envelops our femininity in the most sinuous and captivating ways. It instantly makes us feel more elegant, intriguing and desirable. And then there’s the practical side: a black dress is the Get Out of Jail Free card for all occasions and for every season, because – as cliche as it sounds – black goes with everything! No more head-scratching about what color shoes or what color bags… And while going “all black” is a pretty safe choice, you can always add a touch of color: maybe a light coat, a clutch that brings a note of gold or silver, or a resplendent piece of jewelry to let you shine like the moon: this adds character and definition to your outfit, and will really make you feel like the queen of the night!

An elegant black dress

An elegant black dress is always the right choice: my stylish top picks!

So what are my favorites, when it comes to elegant black dresses? If you had a look at the red carpet at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, you’ll get an idea. For two weeks this May, black literally ruled the Promenade de la Croisette, with everything from cute cocktail dresses to your classic LBDs to extravagant evening gowns. And in this wave of “black magic” along the French Riviera’s blue waters, there was one look that really stood out for me…


Black evening dress

Remember Rebecca Hall, the endearing Vicky from Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona? At this year’s festival, the British actress showed up in a fancy black number by Céline, snug up top but fluttering freely below the waist. The effect is sensational, especially when you add a pair of sandals with killer heels.

Another intriguing solution comes from someone who’s proven he understands women’s tastes: Mr. Giorgio Armani. In one of his recent shows, the Italian designer ran out his models draped in… wait for it… black velvet! And as odd as it may sound, this often-neglected fabric can yield surprising results. Incorporating seductive see-through lace and sprinkles of crystal, Armani’s black gowns were absolutely spectacular. And as King Giorgio himself said, velvet “makes you look half your size, and that’s something women love.” Amen!

What I also adore about elegant black dresses is their versatility. If you think they only work on grand occasions… think again! A black dress can be toned down, for example, with a pair of slip-ons and a short denim jacket, to create a trendy, bubbly look that’s perfect for a nice walk in the city, for a shopping excursion, or even for going out with friends. On the other hand, match your dress with a pair of sky-high heels and a white blazer, and you’ll get a simple but super-chic style suitable for both a formal dinner or a romantic date. Think your black dress won’t do the trick at the grungy Irish pub your friends want to go to? Once again… think again! Add biker shoes plus a snazzy leather jacket and you’re instantly a rockstar, ready for a concert, a club or whatever else the night has in store!

Among the endless options in the ocean of elegant black dresses, the last one to really catch my eye was a piece I just got my hands on recently: an uber-chic gown with a tight crossover bodice, featuring a hypnotic embossed fabric and mesmerizing folds. Dress to impress? More like attire to set the room on fire!


Black Evening Dress Ideas


Bottom line: black is back! Well, actually, we all know it never left… So throw on your best black heels, a little extra sparkle around your neck, and you’re ready to go: you’ll be turning heads at any exclusive event or party with friends. Crisis averted, at least until tomorrow… 😉


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